Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a range of FAQ’s – If you have any other questions about how we work or any of our products, please feel free to get in touch with us.

How do I clean my horse solarium?
Stainless steel kitchen cleaner is perfect for the job, but please be very careful not to spray ANY liquids on the bulbs or bulb holders! Please note: Your Drimee Sunburst Horse Solarium should always be unplugged from the mains power before any cleaning.
Can I change the bulbs myself?
Yes, simply follow the instructions in the box for fitting when you receive your Sunburst Solarium. Please remember not to handle the bulbs with bare hands.
What payment methods do Drimee accept?
We accept payments through PayPal, you can choose to use your credit card and debit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account. We use PayPal as this allows our customers to deal directly with the card supplier and PayPal. DriMee do not see or store any customer payment details.
How do I know which bulbs are infrared?
All the bulbs on the SB1, 2 & Ultra are Infrared, Just the centre bank on the SB3 is Infrared.
What is light therapy?
Light therapy, also known as “photo-therapy” uses a combination of super luminous (visible) and infra-red (invisible) light to treat damage to skin, as well as problems with muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments. The treatment works by stimulating the blood supply in the area, providing extra oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissue. it also stimulates the lymphatic system, enabling waste products to be removed more quickly, reducing inflammation.
What do I do if the fuse keeps tripping?
Please check all bulbs, if a bulb has blown then a replacement should be sourced – these are available via our website here. Remove and replace the bulb and this should sort out your issue.
How should I fit/use my solarium?
It is universally recommended that you set the solarium 60cm/2 feet from the withers of your largest horse ON LOW HEAT, then increase the intensity to reach your smaller horses.
Do I need any special strengthening before hanging my Drimee Horse Solarium?
Drimee Horse Solariums are one of the lightest products available on the market, which means you shouldn’t need to reinforce a solid ceiling to mount them, however if you are in doubt you should consult a local builder for confirmation.

The Sunburst Solarium weights are as follows:

SB1 = 10kg
SB2 = 15kg
SB3 = 30kg
Ultra Pro = 40kg

Improves Blood

Improves blood circulation, cellular metabolism and general health and well-being.

Accelerates Natural Moulting Process

Accelerates the natural moulting process; therefore producing a smoother, glossier coat.

Promotes Injury and Wound Healing

Promotes the natural healing process and helps to reduce the risk of further injury.

Reduces Joint and Muscle Stiffness

Helps break down the build up of lactic acid after exercise and reduces overall muscle stiffness.

Promotes Healthier Skin

Over time, the solarium will help maintain the natural oils found in your horses skin.

Reduces Exercise Warm-Up Times

Reduces the overall warm-up time for scheduled exercising periods.

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