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Digital Coin Operator


Our Digital Coin Operator is ideal for use with our Big Red Rug Dryers and Horse Solariums. It’s perfect for multi-horse stables, with It’s lockable design you can meter the use of your Big Red Rug Dryers and generate income from your dryers and solariums by renting out your dryer to customers.


Features & Specifications


Upgrade Information

  • Our coin operators are now being modified to accept the New £1 coin.

Please download the PDF instructions below:

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Customer Reviews

Judy Pash

By far the best support product i’ve purchased, i use it with my Drimee rug dryer in our stable so that i can cover my electricity costs from my rug dryer which is available to all horse owners, i even make back some change which is now going towards buying another rug dryer.

Judy Pash Individual

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