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Sunburst Solarium 3


Manufacturer of the most modern Horse Solariums. The Sunburst Solarium 3 is our most popular washbox Solarium and is designed to be used in a fixed position, while still maintaining full control over how intensely your horse receives beneficial light therapy using our built in power adjuster.

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Sunburst Solarium 3 Features & Specifications

  • Advanced technology allows a super slim portable design, saving you precious space in your stable or trailer
  • Our Sunburst Solariums are designed to the perfect unit radius, this enables our Solariums to wrap your horse in therapeutic light, and heat without the need for excessive redundant space beside your horses
  • Fitted with ultra modern, white short wave halogen IR lamps. The most efficient and quality of light therapy available today
  • NEW technology means our bulbs operate under much lower pressure than stand halogen lamps, this helps to resist against sudden pops if the bulb blows. Finally a much kinder and safer system for your horses
  • Amazingly low price for such an advanced light therapy product, providing your horse with a vital requirement at a great price
  • 5 Star build quality
  • Complete with dimmer and timer unit
  • Rust resistant stainless steel construction
  • Low running costs, with great value infrared bulbs
  • No wiring required, unit is supplied ready to go
  • Controllable heat settings
  • Quick release permanent roof clamp available as an extra for £49.00
  • Super Lightweight: 29 kg
  • Width: 135 cm
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Length: 150 cm
  • Hanging height: 90 cm above the withers advised
  • Bulb (1) 8 x Halogen 230w 118 Amp
  • Bulb (2) 4 x Short Wave Halogen Quartz Infared 200w
  • Voltage – AC 230V – 240V
  • Plug Type – 3 Pin 13 Amp BS1363
  • Cable – Rubberised 4 Core (3m to control box / 1.5m to plug)
  • Frequency – 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Power – 2640 watts
  • Weight – 29Kg
  • Finish – Stainless / Galvanised Mild Steel
  • Dimensions (mm) – 1500 x 1300 x 250
  • Dimmer – 1 x Variable Regulator DPVRF 1/H/2
  • IP Rating: IP21
  • Product Code – SB3


Industry Leading Build Quality

All of our Sunburst Solariums are manufactured in Sheffield, in the United Kingdom. Using a combination of robust Stainless Steel and Galvanised Metal we provide the maximum resistance to rust or corrosion, for dependable reliability in the years to come.

User Friendly Adjustable Power Output

The DriMee Horse Solariums provide user adjustable power settings via our powerful dimmer unit, which is included as standard. This saves precious time by allowing you to remotely change the intensity of the IR bulbs, removing the need to raise or lower your Solarium to obtain the correct temperature for different horse heights. Our robust control system allows users to set a 60 minute timer as standard.

NEW Advanced Technology IR and Halogen Lamps

DriMee Sunburst a completely silent unit, avoiding the need for moving parts such as noisy distracting fans or blowers. The whole heating process is completely silent using just IR heat to treat your horses. The central IR lamps are designed to focus directly above your horse’s spine to give maximum benefit where it’s needed.

No Assembly Needed

All of our DriMee Horse Solariums come completely assembled with minimal installation requirements.

Rust Resistant

All of our Horse Solariums are built using premium quality materials for longevity.

Advanced Technology

Our Sunburst Horse Solariums use the most modern and advanced technology available.

Affordable Delivery

We provide affordable delivery charges across the United Kingdom.

Customer Testimonials

Nick & Dan Skelton

“We’re delighted with the solariums. They’re simple to use, easy to install and are very effective!”

Nick & Dan Skelton Personal
Lucy Anderson

Our horses benefit from light therapy, but as an added bonus we can keep them warm in our harsh winters, which gives me peace of mind.

Lucy Anderson Personal
Tracey Fletcher

I compete to a high level in British Carriagedriving and received a bespoke personal service when purchasing 3 infra red heat lamps of varying sizes from Drimee. Their ability to warm the ponies muscles before and after exercise and aid in healing is excellent. I would highly recommend this product.

Tracey Fletcher Personal

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