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Big Red Rug Dryer 1 Bar


Manufacturer of the most modern, heated horse rug dryer on the market, The Big Red Rug Dryer designed for today’s larger and heavier rugs, and made with large bore piping for better flow and heat distribution. Taller and longer, our Big Red Rug Dryer is perfect for individual horses, to busy multi-horse stables.

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Features & Specifications

  • Large bore piping, promotes quick heat up and faster drying times
  • Gentle but fast drying of all horse rug types including necked rugs
  • Efficient thermostatically controlled heating elements
  • Energy efficient design, costs as little as 7p per hour based on our 1 Bar Dryer
  • Durable design stands 1.2m high preventing trailing rugs
  • Robust wheel design for easy manoeuvrability
  • Wall mounting bracket integrated into the frame
  • Fully mobile design, which can also be fixed to a wall or floor for security

Certified 3 Year Warranty

DriMee go the extra mile when it comes to our customer satisfaction. We pride every product we produce, that’s why we give all of our Big Red Rug Dryers a Certified 3 Year Warranty.

High Quality Large Bore Piping

Gives DriMee the fastest warm up times available, and a much greater drying surface than other rug drying products on the market.

Industry Leading Build Quality

Our Big Red Rug Dryers come with CE safety certification and a BS EN 60335-2-73 and BS EN 60730 which is critical for any pressurised heating device, providing you with absolute peace of mind when purchasing our Big Red Rug Dryers.

Peace of Mind

Our Big Red Rug Dryers come with peace of mind, having fully qualified for use within the EU our products are completely safe to use and pass all stringent european union safety requirements. CE marks: 2014/35/EU, 2001/95/EU and 2011/65/EU.

EasyBleed Ring Pull Release System

Our EasyBleed system provides a simple way to quickly release any unwanted air bubbles that can cause a reduction in performance. This proven system is user friendly and provides an important function to maintaining the performance of your Big Red Rug Dryer.

Worldwide Shipping

We provide worldwide shipping on our The Big Red Rug Dryer the very best value rug dryer available on the market.

Optimal Drying Length

Our Big Red Rug Dryers are the perfect size at 2.1m, which allows efficient drying of horse rugs.

Completely Compatible

Designed to accommodate a range of sizes, thickness and variations of horse rug designs.

Affordable UK Delivery

All DriMee Big Red Rug Dryers come with very affordable delivery charges.

Customer Testimonials


Loving my new rug dryer, not only drying out my rugs but also keeping away the mould and keeping my tack room warm and dry.

Julie UK
George and William Whitaker

Very very happy with our DriMee rug dryer, we use it all the time..Can’t imagine not having one now! It’s very reliable and  warms up in no time at all.

George and William Whitaker UK

My DriMee dryer has drastically cut down the turn-around time for my rug washing business. I used to struggle to meet a 14 day target for heavy duty rugs, now I can get most done in a week!

Annette UK

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