Drimee The Ultimate Equestrian Drying Equipment

User Friendly

  • Every horse is different but owners have found that using the solarium for 15 minutes before exercise (to warm and prepare your horse’s back muscles), then following up with another dose after exercise (to help break down the lactic acid that causes muscles to tighten and pull) to be extremely beneficial
  • They can be used to quickly dry wet or damp horses which can help avoid muscle damage, tightening up and chills
  • During winter days, when sunlight is limited and horses are stabled more, regular light therapy sessions can be used to help your horse’s health and wellbeing
  • An additional feature on the Sunburst Ultra means it is possible to use the powerful cooling fans independently, so on extra hot days horses can be cooled reasonably quickly


  • The Sunburst 3 costs just 10p for 20 minutes to run, while the Sunburst 2 costs just 5p for 20 minutes.
  • Although each unit comes with a 12 month warranty, spares are very reasonably priced and can be purchased directly through DriMee


  • Simple: ready to use straight out of the box!
  • Long-lasting: stainless steel construction means the solariums are ideal for use in wash-boxes
  • Safe: bulbs are set behind the flat steel making it very difficult for your horse to hit the bulbs if it does ever kick out or jump around while under the solarium
  • Lightweight: super-light construction make it easy to lift into place or move around - only 30kg for the Sunburst 3 and 15kg for the Sunburst 2
  • Animal-proof: cables are fed through the stainless steel tubes for safety. This also protects them from inquisitive rodents!
  • User-friendly: Hanging kits available (£24.99) supplied with 10 metres of chain, 8 snap clips, 4 eyelets for your timber joists and 4 eyelets for the solarium frame making it quick and easy to mount the unit
  • Stylish safety: DriMee laser cut logos throughout the unit are a functional design feature, allowing air to circulate throughout the unit keeping condensation to a minimum and keeping the back plates cooler
  • Flexible: the Sunburst Ultra also comes with second dimmer for the central bank